AccuChef cookbook and recipe software comes with features that will delight any chef. Because this application has a coupon database, it is great for those cooks who also enjoy couponing. AccuChef also allows you to create a printed cookbook to keep in your own kitchen, or to share with family and friends. This application will help you to find the right recipes for your meals, as well as helping you to save money by using the coupon database.

The recipe search allows you to type in a few ingredients that you have on hand and the application will search the database to find matching recipes. However, you can also scan through all of your recipes at once, because they are listed in alphabetical order.

AccuChef's meal planner requires copying and pasting recipes into the calendar. While this process may work well for some, others may find it a tedious process. We do like that this cooking and recipe software will allow you to scale recipes by simply adjusting the number of servings.

When you add recipes to the menu planner, they are "marked." Clicking on the shopping list button will add all marked recipes to the shopping list. Also on the menu planner there is a 'process' button that will add like items together to make shopping for your ingredients more convenient. AccuChef will calculate the estimated cost of a recipe of a total and per serving. However, many common items such as olive oil, rosemary and garlic cloves do not have cost information, so you must enter these manually.

AccuChef has a tips section, free updates and helpful tutorial videos to show you how to use the program, as well as email support. There is also a network option that will allow you to share this application on multiple computers in your household. However, this application does not currently offer a smartphone app.

AccuChef Summary:

AccuChef cookbook and recipe software offers features that any cook will appreciate in the kitchen. The ability to scale a recipe is one of the greatest aspects this application offers. It also has a handy coupon database. Additionally, once you have the cost of items entered into the database, you can create a shopping list complete with the total cost of your ingredients.


AccuChef 6.6

Accuchef comes with several handy features, including a coupon database and the ability to scale recipes.

There is not a way to mark your favorite recipes.

The Verdict:

Those who use coupons will get the most out of this application.