While Shop’n’Cook Menu offers more preloaded recipes than most of the other Mac recipe software programs we reviewed. The first time you open the program, you find two preloaded cookbooks called Main and Chicken. Main includes seven different recipes, while Chicken has hundreds. Just below these two cookbooks, you will find the online database that gives you access to several hundred dishes, which is impressive. However, the overall appearance of the program is reminiscent of the early 2000s, and it's slower than other Mac recipe software.

This recipe software for Mac redeems itself with its included nutritional information for each recipe. It's important to note, however, that this nutritional information is an approximation and actual nutritional values can vary greatly based on the ingredients you use. However, the program's nutritional information is provided by the USDA for both entire recipes and single ingredients, so if you stick pretty close to the listed ingredients, you should get accurate nutritional information.

This Mac recipe program offers a convenient and easy-to-use scale tool to adjust the servings that any given recipe puts out. Surprisingly, serving size and yield conversion tools were absent in many programs we reviewed, so it was nice to see this handy feature offered.

Another positive attribute of Shop'NCook Menu is that it offers both menu planning and shopping list features. The shopping list consists of categories that are already broken down according to where you can find them in the grocery store, and each category includes a number of items. All you have to do is check the items you need, and the software generates a shopping list.

Unfortunately, the search options for this program are rather limited compared to the other Mac recipe software programs we reviewed. Unlike with other programs, you can only search for recipes by title, category or ingredient. When you have a wide selection of recipes stored, this becomes increasingly problematic, as you'll have to know each recipe by name or search by ingredient, which can generate a lot of results. The software is also slow to load.

If you have trouble with the program, you can contact the company via an online email form. You can also find the user manual, a knowledgebase and video tutorials on Shop'NCook's website.

Shop'NCook Menu Summary:

Though it offers an impressive number of recipes, Shop'NCook Menu lacks a few helpful features that the best Mac recipe programs offer, such as varied search options, a recipe rating system and the ability to locate duplicate files. Overall, this is a decent program with a large collection of recipes, but it lacks the finesse of other recipe managers for Mac.


Shop'NCook Menu 4

Shop'NCook Menu comes with a large collection of recipes.

The program lacks advanced search abilities to find specific recipes.

The Verdict:

Shop'NCook Menu includes a large variety of recipes to try out, but the interface lacks many helpful features, such as a duplicate recipe finder.